Saturday, 15 October 2011

Why We Love Make-up

hile Putting on my Make-up one Morning I thought to myself, Why do i wear this stuff? Then Loads of reasons popped into my head, so i decided to share them all with you. 

1. Capture Your Personality -  Make-up is a good way to express who you really are. One day You could be a girly girl and the next You could be something completely different.

2. Confidence - Make-up Gives you allot of confidence. I dont mind not wearing make-up if im having a day at home, but i hate leaving the house without any on. But when the make-up is on i feel more confident to leave and go out and have fun.

3. Creativity - Make-up lets you show of your creativity to everyone, wheter its getting ready for the day or dressing up for halloween make-up is there to help, It helps you become unique and gives you the joy out of creating a look. 

4. Easy to Keep - Make-up can be used without any hassle. Think about it, It dosent need washed, Ironed or to be folded up. All you need is a small bad (Or a few drawers if you have loads) and your set.

5. hobby - Make-up is a hobby to some people, they get Joy out of creating looks and helping others do the same. 

What Do You Love about make-up?


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