Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Your Requests

If You would like to See Something on this blog then Please request it.

E.g. Reviews, Tips etc.

Please Post in a Comment Below.

I Will get back to Normal Posting when i Get home in the Next few Days and Will Use Most of your ideas.

So this post is not a Waste, here are some pictures of stuff i drew this Morning


 Me (Black & White)
 Red Dragon
 Chinese Tiger
 Green Dragon
 Yellow Dragon
 Blue Dragon
 Chinese Symbols
 Chinese Symbols
Green Dragon

Thank you for Reading, Make-up Tips, Fashion Styles & Much More coming soon so Please Follow and Enjoy. Also Feel free to post your own blog in the comments along with anything else you want to say. 


Saturday, 15 October 2011

Why We Love Make-up

hile Putting on my Make-up one Morning I thought to myself, Why do i wear this stuff? Then Loads of reasons popped into my head, so i decided to share them all with you. 

1. Capture Your Personality -  Make-up is a good way to express who you really are. One day You could be a girly girl and the next You could be something completely different.

2. Confidence - Make-up Gives you allot of confidence. I dont mind not wearing make-up if im having a day at home, but i hate leaving the house without any on. But when the make-up is on i feel more confident to leave and go out and have fun.

3. Creativity - Make-up lets you show of your creativity to everyone, wheter its getting ready for the day or dressing up for halloween make-up is there to help, It helps you become unique and gives you the joy out of creating a look. 

4. Easy to Keep - Make-up can be used without any hassle. Think about it, It dosent need washed, Ironed or to be folded up. All you need is a small bad (Or a few drawers if you have loads) and your set.

5. hobby - Make-up is a hobby to some people, they get Joy out of creating looks and helping others do the same. 

What Do You Love about make-up?